(DVDC = Deliciously Vegan by Dr. Carrie)

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Zen By Karen Moore

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Introduce yourself (or a friend) to the fascinating world of Classical Feng Shui and Chinese Metaphysics. This fun, comprehensive book demystifies the different schools of Feng Shui, concepts like the Five Elements, Qi, and Yin and Yang, and covers basic principles of Forms, Eight Mansions, and Flying Stars Feng Shui. It also debunks common Western myths, misconceptions, and “new age” ideas around this authentic, ancient Eastern practice.

Jen includes many practical examples that are easy for anyone to follow, appreciate, and apply. This book is great for first-timers and professionals alike and includes a foreword by world-renowned Feng Shui Grand Master Raymond Lo of Hong Kong.

Feng Shui by Jen

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